Exam AZ-720: Azure Administrator Associate

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About Microsoft AZ-720 Exam
Study guide for Exam AZ-720: Troubleshooting Microsoft Azure Connectivity Candidates for this exam should have experience with networking and with hybrid environments, including knowledge of routing, permissions, and subscription limits. They must be able to use available tools to diagnose issues related to business continuity, hybrid environments, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), access control, networking, and virtual machines connectivity.

Troubleshoot business continuity issues (5–10%)
Troubleshoot hybrid and cloud connectivity issues (20–25%)
Troubleshoot Platform as a Service (PaaS) issues (5–10%)
Troubleshoot authentication and access control issues (15–20%)
Troubleshoot networks (25–30%) Troubleshoot VM connectivity issues (5–10%)

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